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Screen printing

If you want to see professional T-Shirts, duty clothes on your workers or if you want a well designed colorful promotion item this technique is the best choice. It is durable and economical. We can do in big quantity cheap and fast in any size and on any size.

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Pad Printing

On rigid, convex, curved surfaces this is the best method which allows you to get personalized your promotional items. Cheap and fast in big quantity (pen, igniter, thermos)

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Tamponnyomas - Szolgaltatasok

Termotranszfer - Szolgaltatasok


This is an improved technique of the screen printing where the graphic will applied on the textile with a carrier paper and with a heat press. This technique results a beautiful print, and it is more economical than the foil based personalization. With this technique you can personalize a convex surfaced item for example a baseball cap. If you want to personalize a baseball cap or a ready to use duty cloth this is the solution.

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Sublimation Printing

This technique is used on polyester coated or polyester commodity items personalization. With this technique you can make photo quality graphics on mugs, tiles, bright T-Shirts (it is good for sport teams, athletes because the ventilation is granted through the textile and printed graphics too).

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Szublimacio - Szolgaltatasok

Papirtasak - Szolgaltatasok

Fabrication of Paper Bags

The personalized paper bags highlights our products benefits and improves our companies, our teams prestige and reputation. This product is very popular, professional look, high quality which can be done in 4-5 days for your company or your team. If you want for an exhibition, for a marketing campaign or just for the holidays:

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